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Chicago College Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is violence that happens between family members or between people who are involved in an intimate relationship. College relationships can be extremely stressful and often volatile due to dynamic social situations, the use of alcohol, and various cultural aspects of many college communities. When arguments between students in intimate relationships escalate to the level of violence, the parties involved may find themselves facing a criminal domestic violation case, as well as potential sanctions from their educational institution. 

Severe Penalties

Generally speaking, college and university codes of conduct impose significant sanctions on you if you’re accused of domestic violence. Of course, the more severe the accusations, the more serious the consequences can be in your case. Some of the more serious sanctions that are commonly imposed by disciplinary boards for domestic violence include the following: 

  • Formal reprimand 
  • Disciplinary probation 
  • Loss of a financial aid package or scholarship 
  • Suspension 
  • Expulsion 

Criminal Consequences

In addition to these serious consequences, if you are accused of domestic violence, you will likely be facing criminal charges and penalties, as well. These penalties may include probation, fines, community service, mandated anger management classes, and even jail time. 

If you are found to be in violation of your code of conduct, you should be prepared to deal with the consequences of your violation for years to come, as graduate programs to which you apply and potential employers who review your academic record will be made fully aware of the domestic violence allegations. With the stakes this high, it is essential for you to retain a qualified college code of conduct violation defense attorney as soon as possible.

Chicago College Domestic Violence Attorney 

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