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Colleges have in place strict codes of conduct in regard to different organizations affiliated with the campus. These organizations may include fraternities, sororities, athletic teams, or even marching bands, and the success and continued existence of the organization is often at risk if members are accused of violating college rules.  Hazing has been a part of collegiate culture for decades and is particularly prevalent in organizations that encourage close bonds, such as fraternities, sororities, and athletic organizations. Hazing often takes the form of mental or verbal harassment, humiliation, servitude, drinking rituals, kidnapping, inappropriate clothing, mental memorization, and even physical violence. Many colleges and universities have strict policies contained within their student code of conduct against hazing and may impose significant sanctions against you if they believe you have violated these policies. 

Severe Penalties

Colleges and universities can set out strict penalties if your organization is suspected of violating the code of conduct. It is important to know that the accused members have significant legal rights. If an organization hosts an event and the individual responsible for the misconduct is not discovered, the officers of the organization can be held responsible. If you are a member of an organization facing allegations from your college or university, you should not delay in discussing your situation with an experienced college violations defense attorney. 

The Law Office of William Carlos Weeden Attorney protects the rights of students facing serious allegations and always strives for the most favorable result possible for your organization. Call the Law Office of William Carlos Weeden today for a confidential initial consultation at no cost. 

Common allegations against collegiate organizations 

Organizations can be accused of violating many different rules, though some of the more common include: 

  • Hazing 
  • Harassment 
  • Sexual assault 
  • Underage alcohol consumption 
  • Violating school alcohol regulations 
  • Destruction of property 

If your organization, or any of its individual members, are accused of any of the above violations or others, you should consult with a defense lawyer before it is too late. Though it may seem like the school’s administration is on your side, often administrators seek to discipline organizational misconduct to the full extent allowable to deter future violations by other organizations and to protect the reputation of their institution. 

Violations can have serious penalties 

Though every school sets out different penalties for violations of the code of conduct, some common penalties for organizations are as follows: 

  • Formal reprimand in your permanent student records 
  • Probation, suspension, or expulsion of certain members 
  • Loss of housing facilities 
  • Loss of funding for the organization 
  • Disbanding the organization as a whole 

As you can see, the consequences can be extremely serious. Furthermore, even though only a few members may have participated in the violation, officers of the organization or the organization as a whole may be held accountable and may face severe penalties for the behavior of a few.  In addition to these serious consequences, if you and other members of your organization are accused of hazing, you and the organization members will likely be facing criminal charges and penalties, as well. These penalties may include probation, fines, community service, mandated anger management classes, and even jail time

Protect Your Rights

Fortunately, you cannot simply be punished for serious violations whenever the college or university chooses. Instead, you have certain legal rights and the representation by a skilled defense attorney can protect members and the organization’s rights, significantly reduce the punishment you face, and may even result in the accusations being dismissed altogether. 

Chicago College Organizations and Hazing Attorney

 The  Law Office of William Carlos Weeden is a zealous advocate to clients facing Campus Disciplinary Proceedings and Title IX hearings. We will provide you with competent advice and communicate with you every step of the way throughout the disciplinary process, and will tirelessly defend your rights.

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