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Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

Police Officers in Illinois  play a vital role in keeping city residents safe. Unfortunately, in carrying out this task, some police officers overstep the boundaries of what is legal. When police officers break the law and abuse their duty to protect, they should be held accountable for their actions.

At the Chicago Law Office of William Carlos Weeden we advocate for victims of police misconduct, brutality, false arrest and other civil rights violations. If you have been the victim of any civil rights violation, we can help you file a lawsuit against the Chicago Police Department in order to recover compensation for physical suffering, mental suffering, loss of wages, medical bills and more.

Civil police misconduct can include a wide range of topics that can sometimes be vague and confusing. No officer can continually deprive a person of their constitutionally rights without good cause. One incident does not usually establish a pattern, and it courts can pass injunctions against officers in order to prevent further police misconduct. Furthermore, officers cannot discriminate unfairly based on race or ethnicity.

Criminal police misconduct involves the deprivation of constitutional rights in a criminally inappropriate way. There is also no requirement that the police are discriminatory in any way. Typical examples of police misconduct include excessive force, sexual assault, intentional false arrest, and fabrication of evidence. It is important to retain any kind of documentation in the types of cases, for it will allow you to better illustrate your side of the case.

Chicago Police Misconduct Attorney

Civil rights claims are an important part of our legal system, providing a balance between the duty of law enforcement to uphold the laws, and the rights of individuals to be free from police misconduct.  If you feel that you or someone you know  has been the victim of police misconduct, contact the Law Office of William Carlos Weeden promptly so that valuable evidence does not disappear.  You may be entitled to take legal action against those responsible, and claim financial restitution based on your situation.

Law Office of William Carlos Weeden

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